Take Aim At Our Concealed Handgun License Training Classes 
We Offer Classes 7 Days a Week
Take Aim At Our Concealed Handgun License Training Classes 


Concealed Handgun License Classes
for Better Self-Defense

Being able to protect yourself at all times is possible with concealed handgun license training classes from our instructors in Houston, Texas. S-TACT has been helping individuals and families nationwide better protect themselves, and now we'll like to do the same for you. With our customized concealed handgun license training classes, you'll be able to quickly get a concealed handgun license, learn proper self-defense, and have a better handling of your handgun. Contact us now to learn how to use a handgun in the most effective way for complete protection of you and your home.
Small Class Sizes

We hold small classes with no more than 10 students, and will hold a class with just 1 person. Call today, to schedule your class. We offer 1 day classes, 7 days a week!

We Cover Many Areas in Our Classes

·   Handgun Safety

·   Home Defense Tactics

·   Defensive Pistol Handling

·   Advanced Pistol Handling

Pull the Trigger on Our Services

Using a handgun properly is more involved than pointing and shooting. Our competitively priced handgun instruction in your home or at our office allows you to know how to take full advantage of the protective qualities a handgun offers everyone in your household. Don't worry if you're new to guns. We use our 15 years of combined experience to help new and experienced gun owners improve their skills with tactical handgun use and safe handling practices.

Don't Let A Criminal Charge Destroy You! 

Texas LawShield
If You Use Your Gun, They Defend Your Freedom!
No Conceal Carry License Required, If You Own A Gun, Get PROTECTED!

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