S-Tact Protection & Investigation
Basic Handgun Course
Perfect Your Handgun Safety & Other Firearm Skills

Learn how to use a handgun and all the safety requirements that come with it by attending classes hosted by our company in Houston, Texas. S-TACT's Basic Handgun Lessons compliment our Concelaed Handgun License training course because they cover many topics in 3 different sessions that last 1 to 2 hours each. There is no better way to learn how to use a handgun than with our trio of handgun lessons!

Pre-CHL Prep Course ($50)

One of the requirements for the Texas Concealed Handgun License is to be awarded a Handgun Proficiency Certificate (CHL 100) for passing a written and shooting proficiency exam. The shooting portion of the test requires you to shoot 50 rounds from a handgun of .32 caliber of greater, including 20 shots at three yards, 20 shots at seven yards and 10 shots at fifteen yards ranging from only 2 to 15 seconds. If you have never fired a handgun or have very little experience, this portion of the test can be very intimidating and difficult.

Our Pre-CHL course will prepare you for the shooting proficiency qualifications. We will cover basic safety, accuracy and review all the shooting requirements with you to make sure you know exactly what to expect. We will also review your handgun and different shooting techniques with you to maximize your accuracy. Then we will run through the test several times using the actual state approved B-27 targets. You will pay for range time.

This is a 1 hour course and can be scheduled any day of the week.

Required Items:

·         Your handgun (or rental from S-TACT)

·         100+ rounds of ammunition

·         Closed neck shirt (non V-Neck) 

Basic Handgun Lesson 1 ($100 individuals or $175 couples) 

This is a great course to introduce anyone to the thrill of handgun shooting. It is an entry level course designed for those with little or no handgun experience (including Jr. shooters). It covers all the fundamentals of basic handgun shooting and includes 1 handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition (100 rounds for couples). You just need to show up for an hour of shooting fun. You will pay for range time.

This 1 hour course is taught at the range and covers:

·         Handgun Safety

·         Assistance with Firearm Selection

·         Stance/Proper Grip/Breathing

·         Function of Firearm

·         Sight Alignment/Picture

·         How to develop your skills

* If you provide your own handgun and ammunition - ($50 individuals or $85 couples)

Basic Handgun Lesson 2 ($125 individuals or $225 couples)

 2 hour course takes what you learned in Lesson 1 and expands it to encompass the skills below:

·         Shooting Controlled Pairs Vs. Double Taps

·         Recoil Management

·         Shooting from the High & Low Ready

·         Trigger Control

·         Consistency & Firing

·         How to develop your skills

Required Items:

·         Your handgun

·         3 Magazines (double for couples)

·         A Holster

·         250 Rounds of Ammunition (double for couples)

Basic Handgun Lesson 3 ($150 individuals or $275 couples)

This 2 hour course takes what you learned in the proceeding lessons and expands it to encompass the skills below:

·         Drawing from a Holster

·         Shooting from Different Position

·         Speed Reloading/Tactical Reload

·         Malfunction Drills

·         Scanning for Threats

·         Shooting at Adverse Angles

Required Items:

·         Your handgun

·         4 Magazines (double for couples)

·         A Holster

·         400 Rounds of Ammunition (double for couples)

Customized Handgun Training

We would be happy to customize a training course or series around your specific needs. We can design courses for individuals, couples, family teams, and small or large groups.

·         Jr. Courses (13 years and up)

·         Basic Handgun Safety – No Shooting

·         Private Individual and Group Training

·         On-the Range Training by the hour

·         In your home, personal protection

·         Post-CHL Defensive Skills

Attend our classes to learn how to use a handgun EFFECTIVELY.

Scheduling is flexible any day of the week and ALL fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.